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Weekly Agenda:  Sept 23-27, 2019

Monday – Lesson 24 – Objective – Analyze Jonas’ point of view compared to others in the community.  Students will analyze Jonas’ interactions with other characters in his community and discuss what they reveal about his perspective and how it has continued to shift.

Tuesday – Lesson 25 – Determine word meaning and their connotations, analyze how incidents of plot impact characters.  Students will read and discuss Chapter 18 of The Giver, and analyze Rosemary’s release and its impact on the community.  Students will read and discuss Chapters 20-21.

Wednesday – Lesson 26 – Analyze how Jonas’ perspective about release differs from the community.  Students will read and discuss Chapter 19 of The Giver, and determine the meaning of “release” within Jonas’ community based on evidence from the text.  They will examine word choice and connotations to analyze Jonas’ feelings and perspective about release and the community.

Thursday  – Lesson 27 – Determine themes of The Giver.  Students will discuss and identify potential themes of The Giver.  They will identify reasons and select relevant text evidence to support a given claim.

Friday – Lesson 28 – Analyze the setting and its impact on Jonas.  Students will read and discuss Chapter 22 of The Giver, analyze word meanings and their connotations, and analyze how the change in setting impacts Jonas’ character. 

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