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VIP Links

UPDATED Daily Schedule

Click here for SMS’s REVISED Daily Class Schedule.

Request a Device

Please complete the form to request a Device. Thank you.

Receiving VIP Textbooks/Workbooks

Follow the link provided to view dates for picking up any necessary materials.

VIP Fees

Follow the link provided to pay all school and virtual fees.

VIP Supply List

Please follow the link. All VIP Supply lists are the same as our in house students. Please select your grade to view the Supply List.

VIP Parent Orientation

Follow the link to the mandatory VIP Parent Orientation.

Google Meet Tutorial

Click to view how to use Google Meet, a requirement for all VIP Students.

VIP Registration

Follow this link to register a student for the VIP Program.

VIP Opt Out

Click to “Opt Out” of the VIP Program. DEADLINE 8/17/2020

VIP Handbook

Click here to view OPSB’s VIP Handbook.

VIP Parent Contract Form

Click here to view the VIP Parent Contract Form. Required to Participate in VIP Program

WiFi Hotspot Registration

Click HERE to get your VIP Student Registered for an Internet Hotspot!

Computer Access and Use

Click here to view OPSB policies on Computer Access and Use.

Chromebook Policy

Follow this link for OPSB’s Chromebook Policy.

Testing Requirements for VIP Students

Please review the document provided in the link for VIP state testing requirements.

Grab and Go Meals for VIP Students

Follow the link to Register for Grab and Go Meals for  VIP Students.

Meals for VIP Students

For pricing and information regarding VIP Meals, follow the link provided.

MySchool Apps: Meal Assistance

To apply for lunch benefits for a VIP student, follow the link above.