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Covid 19

You can access extra review on one of the following sites (these are updated regularly):



(the students should be working on their learning path 3 days a week for 15-20 minutes per day).  Also, this is where the weekly bonus assignmnent can be found.  For the bonus:  3 assignments are made weekly, due the following Sunday.  Choose 2 and complete them to the highest score you can make.  Half the bonus point are awarded on completion.  The other half are based on the score earned on the lesson.  The bonus column in the 3rd 9 weeks will be updated at the end due to the way the rubric is written.  Deadline for bonus is Thurs May 14th 11:59 PM.

Khan Academy

The old optional assignments made when we got out of school are still there under past.


If there’s something I find that I think is good review, I can assign optional material here.

Google Classroom

There’s a daily activity posted on “Additional Resources.”  The packets under home learning on the OPSB home page are located here.  Most of the daily communication will happen in google classroom and thru the texting part of webpams that some teachers are using.  Most questions that have been asked have answers in the material located in google classroom.    

Zoom Learning!  Our first class will be Tues 4/28/20 at 9:00 AM...topic…..Add and Subtract Integers.  Please read the info posted below.  The link to join the zoom lesson will be located in google classroom due to security reasons.  This limits access to the meeting ID and Password.

That lesson will be Tues April 28th at 9:00 AM, lasting until 9:40 AM.  There will be a waiting room so you will have to wait to be admitted.  
Other things of note....

I will still be available to answer emails from 8-10 AM each day, and of course also after, depending on if I'm in the zoom meeting or not.  I'm trying to answer emails throughout the day.  It is more difficult to answer questions sent through google classroom on my phone, so that might take a little longer, but I promise I'll get to you!

My Zoom office hours for that week will be Wed - Fri from 9:00-9:40 AM.  If you need to video chat about the integer practice that week, you will use the same meeting ID and password as the Tuesday meeting.  Next week, there will be a new meeting ID and password!

There will be pre Zoom work to do before joining the meeting Tuesday morning.  We're covering addition and subtraction of integers just like I would have done after testing, to get you ready for 7th grade math, where there are negatives everywhere!  I'll be pushing some add and subtract integer assignments out thru Khan academy, and I recommend watching the associated videos also.  

Some Zoom rules.....Please read over these carefully!  

SMS Zoom Norms 
Spring 2019


All classroom norms apply when in a Zoom session. In other words, if you wouldn't do it while in physical class, don't do it while in digital class. 
Students must also have a quiet area with good lighting available to participate in a Zoom session for when video is permitted. Computer/laptop preferred over cell phone if possible.
Students need to remain on mute while the teacher and classmates are speaking. 
Students must use the Response Icon to raise a hand to be called upon as time permits for participation. 
Students should place any questions in the CHAT feature of Zoom.
Students should immediately mute after speaking. 
Students must also follow any additional specific guidelines provided by a teacher in each Zoom meeting not included on this list.
All chat box notes will be kept as a public record of lessons and therefore, they are expected to maintain appropriate discussion content, etiquette, and language.
Have paper and a pen or pencil handy to take notes. 
No recording of a Zoom meeting session may be posted or screen shots taken for any other purpose other than viewing by the students and teacher in the class.  If evidence of this is found, discipline will be administered.  
Zoom is a privilege that may be revoked if any of the above norms are not followed. 
DRESS CODE:   Students must wear school appropriate clothing.  Shorts are allowable, but please wear modest shorts.
BATHROOM:   No devices should be taken into the bathroom.  If you need to take a break - go, but do NOT take your device with you.