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April 20 - May 15

Agenda and Announcements

COVID-19 State of Emergency Back Up Plan!

1. There will be no grades for the fourth 9 weeks of this school year. Your first three 9
weeks grades will be averaged together to determine your final grade for the year.
2. You have the option to bring up your third 9 weeks grade by completing assignments that
in total will be worth 100 bonus points. I will post a Social Studies Weekly article along with a 10
question quiz that you can answer about the article in our google classroom. Please
follow the instructions in google classroom to complete. All weekly assignments will be
due by the end of the week.
3. The bonus work is optional. This means that if you are satisfied with your overall grade
for the year, then no work is required. However, this work is a good opportunity to bring
your grade up and to keep your mind active.
4. I will be available daily from 8am – 9:30am to answer any questions you may have. The
best way you can reach me is through email at or through comments
in our google classroom.
5. Beginning April 27th through May15 th on Monday’s I will conduct a Zoom lesson that you
can join. I will post the Zoom Codes in google classroom for each week. Student dress
code and conduct rules will be enforced and must be followed during these lessons.
Joining these lessons are not required and will not be for a grade. We will review the
Social Studies Weekly lesson each week.
a. Here is a link to the rules and expectations of students during Zoom lessons.